Mission & Vision

Our Mission at Pinelands Presby 

To grow and nurture the body of Christ in Pinelands

This is an emphasis of the Mission of the UPCSA which is:

• Bear Witness to the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ to all who do not now believe in Him
• Build Up the believers in faith, hope and love through the ministry of the Holy Spirit
• Be faithful through our teaching and practice in proclaiming the sovereign rule of God in all social, economic, political and ecological relations

The UPCSA Mission priorities are: Evangelism, Stewardship & HIV/AIDS

Our Vision at Pinelands Presby

To be a vibrant worshiping community who enjoy life with God and seek to draw others to Him.

It’s in line with the Vision of the UPCSA – a Church which is one:

• In obedience to its Sovereign Lord
• In celebrating its living heritage as a Reformed Church in Southern Africa
• In celebrating its cultural diversity
• In addressing injustices and poverty Church and Society
• In providing a model of racial reconciliation