Charities and Missions

Charities & Missions We Support

Over the past years, members of the congregation have established links and/or relationships with several Missions and Charities. Some of these contacts result in occasional contacts and small collections and donations while we try each year to focus on 4 main Missions. In 2020 these will be:

  • City Mission
  • SIM
  • Rise Against Hunger
  • The Bible Society of SA

We invite these Missions to participate in one of our services, one per quarter and our budget includes a specific amount to be given to each of these. In addition we invite members to contribute to an additional offering which is taken on the day. If you would like to join us in our support of these missions, please direct a gift to our bank with the reference “Mission + name of Mission”

Our Christmas Offering is to be divided between the Salvation Army and the Presbyterian Education Fund.

Serving In Mission

In the 1980s, AEM, ICF, and SIM joined forces to become SIM, which then stood for the “Society for International Ministries.” AEF joined with SIM in 1998. In 2000, SIM adopted the trade name (or slogan) “Serving In Mission,” for English-speaking countries, but our official name around the world today is simply SIM. Read more at


The Bible Society


Rise Against Hunger

Rise Against Hunger is an international hunger relief non-profit organization that coordinates the packaging and distribution of food and other aid to people in developing nations. Together with the Pinelands Ministry Network we raise funds to be able to purchase the ingredients and to pack meals which are then distributed to creche’s in the Cape Area. While some of the food packed goes to the Rise Against Hunger who in turn also set food aside from each packing event for Cape Town Disaster Relief, most of the food we pack is distributed to a creche in Gugulethu which the Pinelands Baptist Church has an on-going relationship.


City Mission

Cape Town City Mission has a long history of ministry to the inner city as well as the Cape Flats. The Mission seeks to develop resources and partnerships to work with communities in need for their transformation and empowerment, to build a better society for all people irrespective of race, colour or creed.


Salvation Army
Whether it’s embracing the homeless, uplifting the abused or abandoned, training and mentoring the disadvantaged, providing character building programs for youth, or assisting the displaced or elderly, The Salvation Army’s goal remains the same: serving the most people, meeting the most needs.


The Presbyterian Educational Fund

offers bursaries to underprivileged people under the age of 25 in the UPCSA and deserving students studying at high school, technical colleges or technikons and who have achieved academically.


The Cape Town and Suburban Clothing Guild

The Cape Town and Suburban Clothing Guild was established in 1889 to provide items of NEW clothing to people who may live their whole life only wearing donated old clothes or “hand-me-downs”.


Cape Mental Health Society

Cape Mental Health Society is a registered non-profit organisation that provides or facilitates comprehensive, pro-active and enabling mental health services in the Western Cape. We are committed to challenging socially restrictive and discriminatory practices affecting the mental health of all people.



In October 2001 GAPA started as a self-help project in Khayelitsha, GAPA’s intervention has a two pronged approach. Workshops are held each month for grandmothers were they learn about HIV infection and AIDS. Practical skills to overcome effects of the pandemic on households are taught. The workshops cover topics such as vegetable gardening, human rights, elder abuse, accessing social grants, drawing up a will and business skills. Grandmothers are also invited to attend support groups held in area representatives homes once a week